Match Ball

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Sizes: #5,#4,#3,#2,#1;

Materials: Leather— Normal/Shiny/Laser

PVC/TPU/PU+EVA/Neoprene;Bladder—Butyl/Rubber; Layers: 1 to 4 Layers

Thickness: 1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.7mm/3.0mm;

Weight:260/280/300/320/360/380/400/420 grams

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    There are a couple utilities for this –

    OpenWith – back in v11 used to be OCtus Explorer – but that died off at some point apparently as it wasn’t being updated
    Winamp2MP3 (but its a Windows app)
    Newer ones include ArJam, TALAC, XimoLib.

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