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  3. By entering the project number and date, you can remove the project number and date from the layout.
    The file is delivered in PDF format and includes the following sections:
    * Estimate Schedule
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    Buildings with complex projects or multiple stories are now supported with live version

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  5. Powerful settings
    Besides the manual configuration settings, Math Coordinate Converter for Windows 8 includes other handy options as well. You can customize output units by using the Universal settings. Moreover, you can choose the number of decimal places and disable the tool’s black bar appearance to improve the overall look of the interface.
    Besides, Math Coordinate Converter for Windows 8 allows you to use advanced visualization types such as grid bars and spline curves to provide you with more accurate data.

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  7. It lets you track each donation and manage all fixed-assets of your church. It features a contemporary user interface that makes it easy to use.
    It is compatible with Windows 8.

    The Source Forge database program detects and resolves database conflicts so that you get up and running quickly! The program is very friendly to the user and doesn’t require much of an introduction.

    You can view a list of

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  8. You can play media files in any range of conditions, or simply use the program to listen to your music in the background.

    Supported audio formats: mp3, wma, mp4, ogg, aac, flac, wav, mka, wmv, mov, vob, avi, mkv, mid, wm, m4p, m3u, ogm, med, oga, ac3, vorbis, flac

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  9. The user can even use Samsung Drive Manager to delete the information stored on their devices in order to free up some space on their devices.

    Download Samsung Drive Manager app for Android

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  10. A flexible and portable application for taking and analyzing duration tests and short-answer assessment.
    The application is embedded into the Android App Bundle platform and free from resource and energy intensive components. Presented
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    A battery of tests that tests your learning and memory. A very powerful tool and a highly recommended application.
    If you have seen the TV series ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ you will probably recognize the game. Even if not,

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  11. One cannot really have much confidence when it comes to dealing with MIDI sounds if he or she hasn’t really spent some time mastering this type of sounds or thing.

    That’s certainly the case for AG Shinri Sakurai. However, despite his obvious understanding of sound creation techniques and how they’re used when creating music, the creator of all those awesome SoundCloud tracks has to admit he never really learned how to program.
    “I listened to a lot of songs that was DAWed and

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  12. Still, this software is designed for businesses and professionals, while small business can benefit from some useful examples. Those on a budget can use Microsoft’s Start page to store a digital certificate for future use.

    Burnbright Software is a simple tool to burn and combine your favorite MP3 music to a CD. It can burn up to 99 tracks at up to 320kbs to the CD using a few clicks. The interface is easy to use, with lots of very helpful features right there on

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  13. The app is available as a free trial version that allows you to utilize the clock for 7 days. Nevertheless, you need to register its activation by entering the Email Address and User Name. If you find the provided version to be over your requirements, you should go for the full version version ($4.95).

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  15. CSEnteractiveBehavior2;
    – (void)_performTimerTask;
    – (struct TriangularBezierPath { int x1_1_1; int x1_1_2; int x1_1_3; })_createPolyBezierPath:(CGPoint)arg1 destinationCoordinate:(CGPoint)arg2;
    – (id)_container:(id)arg1 createLayout:(id)arg2 data

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    Bandwidth Controller is developed by BSH.
    View more information about Bandwidth Controller…

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    Problem: This tool supports only one adapter/device at a time.

    Answer:Bandwidth Controller is designed to manage the entire network and you can use it to

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  22. I just installed a new itunes on a different computer, and I want to manually sync some videos to my ipod. What I need to know if if I plug my ipod into the computer(which is FILLED with my music) will it start to synchronize right away to the empty itunes list? I don’t want to loose my music on there! How do I make sure that doesn’t happen?.

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    Theme Name: TV series Gothic 2D icon set Theme Author: I_Fclose Theme description: TV Serie Icon Pack.


    The theme focuses on a clean and light style, making use of the Tango-family of widgets.
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  28. [Download Tuitter]

    [Download Tuitter. Uses Twitter API. Runs on all operating systems]

    Netherlands-based software developer Leo Bradley invented Tuitter to use Twitter with a minimalistic UI and is offering it to the public for free. The tool provides essential features found in the official Twitter mobile app, like the ability to monitor timelines, tweets, notifications, suggestions, lists, and more.
    However, the desktop client goes beyond the mobile version and provides additional
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  29. Key Features
    * Cheque Printer is a standalone application that is available with a free 14-day trial.
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  30. Emergency department use following a suicide attempt among individuals with bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and comorbid bipolar and major depressive disorders.
    Recent evidence suggests that people with bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder (MDD) who engage in self-harm should receive psychiatric assessment and treatment, but few studies have investigated ED use following a suicide attempt by patients with these illnesses. We surveyed individuals who were brought to state or local EDs after attempting suicide between 2000 and 2007. Individuals with current mood disorder
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  31. .
    ■ There is no way of getting a preview of the conversion prior to actually doing it.
    ■ Very slow or even painful on some systems.

    To convert a DDS image to FS70 DXT1 format, use the following process:

    Open the DDS image in Photoshop.

    Save the image out from Photoshop as a DDS image file (which by default takes the name of the PSD file as the name of the file, so
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  32. General
    – Panda Anti-Rootkit Scans Windows XP x86/x64/x32 out of the box
    – Provides an automatic update feature and a detailed rootkit report
    – Does not detect malware that was added using a program like winrar or windows archive extractor
    – Panda Anti-Rootkit does not automatically remove detected rootkits and cannot be run “silent” or with the “Hide the Taskbar” option.
    – Panda Anti-Rootkit
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  33. Key Features

    The visual traffic monitoring interface is well organized and user-friendly.

    IP Traffic Monitor is equipped with a comprehensive log of your Internet traffic. The ‘Real-Time’ and the ‘History’ sections can help you catch any unusual transfers, so you can stop and investigate them.

    IP Traffic Monitor is useful for PC security, allowing you to detect spyware, viruses or adware. All actions that are conducted by the monitored traffic are expressed in terms of
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  34. As chips begin to approach the 10nm process node, the industry is seeing a shift toward standard deep-submicron manufacturing processes (450mm wafers). In the production of microelectronic devices, well-controlled thin film deposition processes are required to deposit films on substrates. Efforts to reduce the number of processing steps in semiconductor manufacturing through thin film deposition and etching have led to increasingly sophisticated reactor tools that employ plasma systems in the industrial manufacturing of semiconductor devices. Advanced
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  35. The Art Rage 3D printer is a reliable solution to go to get your own 3D printing needs. However, from being a 3D modeler’s dream, this device is starting to show its age.

    Another milestone achieved for laser research
    To end off the Summer 2016 issue of the Spectra Physics Newsletter, we decided to take a look at how one of our earliest laser physics stories – the solid-state excimer laser at the heart of the first commercial UV curing light
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  36. Forum :

    Mphix Ghost CD-player is a free media-player which can play a cd while not even active. Use the functions to start the cd and then simply close the program and the cd will keepon playing without using memory or cpu
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  37. But you don’t need to do much before you start using the Memory Pool Monitor for the first time, as the tool is configured using a solid script. It’s also not necessary to download the source code for it, but if you want, you can do so.
    The best of both worlds
    The memory pool monitoring software is available for download at CodePlex, so there should really be no excuse for using the built-in Microsoft utilities and still dealing with the same
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  38. InterBase Data Tools (IBDT) is a spreadsheet program, written in C++, which can work with InterBase databases. It mostly lets you get the most out of the Oracle, SAP and Microsoft SDI databases. This means all kinds of statistics and graphical representations, combining features and workflows of such programs as Microsoft Excel, QuattroPro, Datamart and EXCEL.
    IBDT is a tool for simple but useful statistical and charting information, yet it
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  39. Pros
    + Optimizes tracks
    + Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and also on Windows Server 2012
    + Simple yet effective interface
    + Nice look and feel
    – No other performance tests were conducted

    AVIDTag is a small freeware tagging application with basic songbook and editor features. It also includes a simple file browser for previewing your music.
    Working with music tags
    Once you have installed the software, you are ready to add your music�
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  40. Designed as a quick and smart-to-use utility, you just need to execute it to start enjoying a better reading session. And trust us, the joy you’ll experience while following the manga storyline will amaze you.Pregnancy outcomes in Japanese women with chronic hepatitis B treated with tenofovir-emtricitabine, tenofovir-emtricitabine-interferon-alpha-2b or tenofovir: one-
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  41. You don’t need a huge amount of drum sounds in this pack, we wanted to cover the most important musical parts you’ll need to reproduce.
    The full sound effect demo is included as wav file.
    Also, of course, we made in a compact size the 10-Band Graphic Equalizer with Float.
    Included are the following functionalities:
    • Instruments
    • No less than 20 lead sounds
    • 20 bass sounds
    • 20 patterns
    • 10
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  42. Produced by the former Director of the Griffith Planetarium and Observatory and now a Director of the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences – Maitland Campus, part of the RMIT University; LunaView  is an application that has been steadily improving. The database is growing at an alarming rate.


    LunaView  allows the moon to rotate around the earth, which does not interfere with the useful information overlaid on the globe. This is done by fixing the moon
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  43. ■ Only Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are supported
    ■ First 15 days period of evaluation is free
    ■ Evaluation period allows you to remove DVD or video files from evaluation
    software back to your computer
    Evaluation period is not permanent. You can be free to use or to uninstall Spb Mobile DVD from Pocket PC device at any time.

    Power DVD for Pocket PC offers quick and easy DVD conversion, as well as video file conversion and editing.
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  44. We highly recommend that you enable it once you have downloaded the main program. However, we must admit that we were not so focused on using the lock key’s indicator during our testing, and sometimes forgot to turn it on.
    Keystroke macro program – KeyLogger
    Keystroke macro program – KeyLogger enables you to capture a series of actions with no interruption from the user or application. You can then save the captured actions as
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  45. Q:

    Yesod cross-origin js files forbidden from subdomain / same-origin policy?

    I have some json files, and my _static directory is serving them like:
    Static [“/js/api.js”]
    So with HTTP request../api.js all works fine, but with the sub-domain: it gives an error: Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin…
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  46. , DVD Decrypter, and Reimage Audio Recovery
    – adding a menu to a DVDAuthored MPEG/CHD
    – adding a menu to an MKV DVD
    – adding a menu to an AVI DVD

    Remove unwanted Product Folders after OS Installation

    The removeProductFolders.EXE is used to remove unwanted or incomplete product folders from installation.

    RemoveProductFolders.EXE can be used in two modes :

    – remove
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  47. Features

    Editing and rendering with AutoCAD files

    Adding images, 3D objects to design

    Full editing and rendering capabilities

    Some basic features make other applications a poor choice

    Not a program that runs on a low-powered system

    Additional file:

    Publisher’s No Man’s Land ( (450.00 KB)

    Click the Download button below to start. If you do not wish to download and use this
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  48. Moreover, you are advised to explore the Web if you plan to run searches on various online sources.
    Overall, Find My Music is a handy application for users looking for a custom search on their systems, but could be improved by including optimized quality settings, introducing more advanced options, and leaving unattended settings to a streamlined and especially customizable working mode.SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló asked US President Donald Trump to remain in the most of the island
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  49. The application can be downloaded from the project’s page, as well as a detailed description file called “README”.

    WebXRAppGFX is a dedicated open source WebXR development platform for high-end AR or VR applications. Specifically it contains:

    WebXR Applications (JavaScript & Java) and controls developed for IAB’s API (IGVWIO) v3.0 APIs, so that users can easily develop their own VR
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